Simple Ideas To Make Meal Time Fun For Your Kids

If you are a mother, you probably know how difficult it is to make kids eat their food. They fret and make all sorts of excuses not to eat. But to ensure their physical and mental development, it is important to ensure that they eat healthy.

Childrens China

Here are some simple ideas to make meal time fun and enjoyable for your kids

  • Kids will never eat vegetables and fruits if you give them as it is. You have to make them look interesting so as to tempt them to eat the same. How about cutting fresh fruits in small cubes and putting them in a glass? Add a small spoon and present your kids with fruit glass instead of boring fruit bowl.
  • Though it is advisable that kids should eat properly at the dinning table and chair, you can organise a fun meal in the garden or on the pool side in your backyard once in a while. Take out the floor rugs or play mats or the stools and bean bags that are there in your kid’s bedroom. Your kids would love this unusual luncheon.
  • Think about funny things that you did in your childhood. Did you make human faces on furniture or walls or did you give moustaches to that pretty lady in the fashion magazine? Try to do the same on your kid’s food. Use tomato ketchup to make a smiley on that healthy vegetable or use whipped cream to decorate that glass of fresh milk. Your child would surely enjoy it.
  • Buy children’s china. Your regular china can be too boring for your kids. A coffee mug with a funny slogan or a cute children’s breakfast set can add a lot of interest to the dining table and can make your tiny tots enjoy their meal time.

All the best!!

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